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Different Tonneau Cover Options


There are many designs and finishes for a tonneau cover. This is the term used for the top section of a vehicle that is open. This can be in the cargo area generally but there are a few vehicles where protection will be needed for the passenger area as well.

Generally, it is required by law to cover the loads in your Ute so that you are driving safely. There are so many options ranging from simple to complex. Even if your country doesn’t have a law such as this, a tonneau cover will secure the loads you are carrying and prevent the chances of anything flying out of the back of your Ute into the road and endangering others on the road.

Not every tonneau cover will fit your Ute. You need to select a cover that will fit the size of your tray or tub along with fitting into its shape. You can search for tonneau covers that fit your Ute model online so you choose something that fits well. And if you have any accessories that have been added to the Ute, you need to consider a cover that will accommodate them as well.    

You can find many brands for these covers. By doing a quick search for different brands and reviews left by customers you can get an idea of what people prefer more. But you need to consider what type of cover you prefer. There are soft and hard covers available on the market. Soft covers are cost-effective and the materials used are plastic, aluminum or vinyl. The cover can be attached to the front and you can drape it over the rear of your Ute.

There are accessories that will help attach the edges of the cover to the tub or tray. These can be ropes or clips. The clip on soft covers is easy to use and they can be attached to a rail that is on top of the tub. But if you are using rope, there will be eyelets in the cover to accommodate them.

There are also bungee covers. Rope and bungee loops tend to wear over time so you will need to replace them. These have lower maintenance as there is no rope or bungee loop. Some utility vehicles come with the clip on rails already so all you need to do is install a cover. There is also no drill clip on covers that take a much shorter time for installation and you will not need to drill holes in the Ute. This way, you will not be making any permanent modifications.

You can use the soft cover only when you need to. You will find that these tend to sag in the middle if you don’t have a steel support bar to keep it up. Hard covers are generally made of plastic, aluminum or fiberglass. The installation cost is more expensive but these tend to be more durable and can withstand different weather conditions. You will also have more options for security. You can even find hard covers that can be removed easily if you require them. There are hinged and folding hard covers. You can have the hinged cover as one piece or in sections.

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