Four Square handball is a great little extra to add to a school yard, or hard court. It can be played against a wall or in a square pattern. It uses a small rubber ball such as a tennis ball and the basic version has up to 4 players, although as with many school sports there are variations, some with 12 players. The object is to hit the into your opponents square after bouncing off your square and cause your opponent to be unable to return the ball. As simple as the game is it can become fairly hard and fast. It develops hand eye coordination and agility. What’s more the space required is not great so you can easily involve a number of children in a relatively small space. The perfect addition to a Multipurpose Court or just to fill in an otherwise unused area.

Four Square Handball Rules

King Queen
Jack Dunce
  • If you are out you go to the end of the line.
  • The King serves and the serve must be fair.
  • The King can serve to anyone.
  • The King should only serve when all the players are ready.
  • Each player moves up to the next square when someone is out.
  • If the ball lands on the line replay the point.
  • You must be in your own square.
  • Only one person per square.
  • Play fairly and be a good sport.

You are out if:

  • The ball bounces twice in your court before or after you hit the ball.
  • You hit the ball into another court on the full.
  • You miss the ball.
  • The ball hits your body as you attempt to play the ball.
  • You roll the ball.
  • You grab the ball.
  • You go into another person’s square.
Rules from Moore’s Teaching Tips

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